About Us

Hopehall Evangelical Church was started in 1887 by Robert Kerr, as an outreach to Paisley people facing addiction and social issues. Throughout its history it has tried to maintain outreach at its heart, and this is true of us today. 

Regarding church government, we believe in the value of a team of leaders, and follow the Biblical pattern of Elders and Deacons; the Elders (including the Pastor) being responsible for the spiritual and pastoral matters, and the Deacons for the practical and financial affairs.

The Elders

Graham Currie (Pastor), David Clark, Ernie Lindsay and Graeme Burt.

The Deacons

Dianne Babb (Chairperson), Campbell Buddy (Treasurer), Peter Campbell (Maintenance), Billy Magee (Maintenance), Linda Malcolm and Leon Mkangama.