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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 12:53

A friend of the family stayed over last week and we made a room for him, putting a bed in our small lounge and clearing out the debris of 3 children.

At church we began the year with something similar by making room for God through a week of prayer and fasting. Around the prayer stations, particularly at the one with a free standing 6 foot wooden cross, people cleared out the debris of their hearts; some by writing down their failures, broken promises, bad habits, sins and laying them down at the base.

Other stations allowed us to listen to God, for example by asking "what would God say if He was writing to Hopehall as He did to the churches in Revelation?" But the overwhleming response I received from members was appreciation for making space and opportunity for them to simply meet with God. Continuing this we will be opening the church on Mondays for prayer, and in so doing we will continue to make room for God. As the voice said in the Kevin Costner film Field Of Dreams "if you build it he will come".

If we will empty ourselves and give God time and space, then He will come.

Graham Currie

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Written by Graham Currie   
Monday, 20 June 2011 15:10

He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not...He Loves Me...

I don't know if you would ever own up to pulling petals off a daisy one by one and saying the above as you did so? It was as foolproof a method of determining true love as holding a buttercup under the chin to determine dairy affection! In my experience many people either doubt God's love for them or do not experience it in a way which profoundly affects their behaviour. LOVE is the key to unlocking the hearts of people. LOVE is what wins people. LOVE heals people. LOVE overcomes evil. LOVE is the most excellent way. LOVE is what Paisley needs. We need to open our hearts and let God pour His love into us so we can love others. He is the fountain of LOVE and He loves me...He loves me...He loves me...

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Written by Graham Currie   
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 09:52

Well here goes, my first ever blog. I feel like I'm on a first date; minding my manners and trying not to say anything too stupid. And who knows, maybe blogging might lead to facebooking or even (shock! horror!) twitting (or is is tweeting? or twittering?). Anyway, hopefully you'll find some of my blogs interesting and feel free to respond..............

WORKING YOUR VOLUNTARY MUSCLES: We have around 600 voluntary muscles in our bodies, all of which we choose to exercise (or not). Everything from opening your mouth to receive some Black Forest Gateaux to putting up your hand to answer a question or doing sit ups to get a six pack. Dare I say it, as summer approaches and you're on the beach (Largs or Lanzarote?) it becomes obvious who has been exercising their voluntary muscles and...erm..well...those who have not!!! A church is a body and in order for us to be fit and healthy we need to exercise our voluntary muscles, which means we all volunteer whatever and whenever we can to make sure we are attractive to those around us and honouring to the One who made us. Check out the "serving" notice board in the small hall and pick up a leaflet at the resource library for more details. God bless you, Graham.

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Written by Peter R. Bloomfield   
Saturday, 21 May 2011 15:20

It's been a long time in the planning, but we finally have space for a Pastor's Blog here on the Hopehall website. We hope you will enjoy reading it.

Watch this space for articles!


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