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Tuesday, 04 June 2013 16:23

Pastor’s Blog

June 2013

“Better Felt Than Tellt”……. Oh Really?!?

If you’re not of Scottish extraction, then the title might need translation – and I don’t think that Google Translator has the “Scots” option! But the title is a Scots approximation of St Francis of Assisi’s alleged quote “Preach the gospel and if necessary use words.” I’m sure you appreciate what St Francis was meaning; that people want to see the reality of God in the lives of those that profess to be Christians, so as to confirm that the message is real. And all of us Christians would say Amen to that, and seek to show love to people in many practical ways that would bless and enrich their lives.

However it’s easy to use St Francis’s saying to hide behind, and not actually SPEAK to people and SHARE the gospel message. God bless you if you live a godly life, but even that will not bring somebody to the Lord. Every person needs to have someone EXPLAIN the gospel message in language they understand, so that they can make an informed decision to follow Christ or not. As Romans 10 says “how can they hear (believe) without someone preaching to them?” and “faith comes by hearing the message”. Open-Mouth

Let me state this as clearly as I can…… If YOU AND I (yes YOU), do not open our mouths and speak to people about Jesus as you go about your day to life, then people will die and go to hell without having had the chance to say yes to Christ. And when YOU AND I stand before the judgement seat of Christ we will be held personally responsible for those opportunities we missed because we were too embarrassed or too ignorant or too busy or too lazy to take.

So ladies and gentlemen, no more excuses. No more looking to others to do it. No more kidding on that your sparklingly holy life is leading people to Christ. No more wrong belief that only “Evangelists” tell people about Jesus. YOU start NOW to tell people about Jesus, not because of fear or guilt or duty, but because you love Jesus and He is worth telling everyone about! Amen?

And the fields are white for harvest!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Written by Graham Currie   
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 16:10

                                     Bringing Others To Christ


Jesus’ commission to us as His followers is to make disciples of all nations, beginning with where you are. It’s so crystal clear and yet somehow so many Christians fail to deliver. When we stand before The Lord in the judgment day He will not ask us how low our golf handicap is, how many friends we made, how busy we were at work, how much money we made, or how many hours we spent with our family. He will be asking us how many disciples we made, in response to His commission to us.

Oh and it’s not just “the church” in general that is charged with making disciples, it’s every individual believer. Every single one of us should be speaking about Christ to others, bringing people to church, and winning people over with demonstrations of the Kingdom (love, care for the poor and vulnerable, praying for the sick, etc). Do you know that if every single believer brought 6 people each to Christ then the WHOLE WORLD would be converted? That is so achievable!

And don’t just INVITE people to come to church, BRING them. In the Bible Andrew BROUGHT his brother Peter to Jesus, the crowd BROUGHT the sick to Jesus. And we are told through the parable of the Great Banquet that we are to go out and BRING people to Christ, to church, to His Kingdom. In fact God goes further in the parable and ORDERS us to COMPEL and URGE people to come. But we shy away from this because we are far too polite and don’t want to cause offence, and yet Jesus caused offence because of His passionate love for people that overrode social conventions.

So let us all be PASSIONATE BRINGERS of people to Christ; arrange to pick people up in your car and bring them to church, or meet and walk with them; give people no room for excuses and ignore any embarrassment. You might be the only person who stands between someone finding Christ or dying and going to hell….. so overcome your hesitancy, your apathy, your overbusyness and bring people to Christ so that His banquet might be full. Hallelujah! 

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Written by Graham Currie   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 13:29

I’m So Proud Of You!

I was standing in the church hall this morning praying and looking around at the chairs stacked around the walls, and a deep sense of love and appreciation rose up within me. I thought of all the people in the church who had worked so hard last night, and in the days leading up to last night, to make our Songs Of Praise evening such a wonderful occasion; our members who planned the event, those who took part in leading or singing or sharing or provided music, those who set out tables, served tea, washed dishes, those who attended and sang their hearts out, those who cleaned the hall, paid the heating bills, contributed money through offerings, and on and on and on. So many many members of Hopehall who gave something, however big or small, of their time and talents – all for the purpose of praising God together for His goodness to us, and reaching out to others to do the same. As I stood there in the hall, the morning after the night before, all I felt was love for all my brothers and sisters in Hopehall. And as I write this Blog I want to say “I’m so proud of you”.

It made me think of the Lord and how He feels towards us. Sadly in our world so many people feel unloved deep down, and even hearing about God’s love does not seem to reach the heart. But God is clear about His feelings (and yes God has feelings) towards us. Zechariah 2 v8 says something remarkable about you “whoever touches you touches the apple of His eye”. In other words you are the centre of God’s attention, and in His eyes you are the equal of His own son Jesus which is why God gave Jesus in exchange for your life. You may feel unworthy, you may feel you’ve messed up too much, you could list 1000 reasons why God should not love you. But one thing is certain. God loves you unconditionally. And you can be sure when God looks at you, no matter whether you have been working hard in His kingdom or not, He says “I’m so proud of you”.  

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Saturday, 09 February 2013 15:13
1360423361074 The rock is rolling
A while ago the Lord showed me a picture of the church as a rock, which is an apt metaphor as the church carries the kingdom of God within it, and the book of Daniel depicts God’s kingdom as a rock which grows to fill the whole earth. But in my picture I see the church like a rock rolling down a hill, slow at first but faster and faster as it gathers momentum. 
Our mission statement involves movement: “Moving forward together, sharing Christ in the community” It implies there is a direct connection between the moving forward and the sharing of Christ. As a church we move forward when we share Christ. And the more we share Christ the more the church moves forward like the rock rolling down the hill.
Right now in the life of Hopehall we are gathering momentum as we focus on community outreach and evangelism. Our goal is to build relationships with as many people in the local community as we can, and show and tell them all about Jesus and how we find new life in Him. We are currently developing our church activities and groups to be as outreach focused as possible, and we want as many of our members as possible to be involved as much as they are able.
Look out for the opportunities as they are presented publicly, on the notice boards, in the Sunday Newsheet, through the website, etc. If we work together with all our heart and soul then we can see many many people come to Christ until the church is full to overflowing. 
The rock is rolling and nothing is going to stop it, not even the gates of hell itself!
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Written by Graham Currie   
Friday, 11 January 2013 16:09


You know, the great thing about a new year is that it’s like a clean white page. No marks on it. Nothing written. You can write what you want on it. Sometimes we dwell too much on our restrictions; our negative circumstances, financial constraints, health problems, sense of isolation or whatever. God is not oblivious or unsympathetic towards these things, indeed He cares far more than we do. But surely it is also true that He calls us to lift up our heads, to believe for better, to have faith that the impossible might be possible, to call those things that are not as though they were.

What is in your heart for this year ahead? Promotion at work? Better health? New friends? Using your talents more? Finding a better work/rest/play balance in life? Winning someone to the Lord? Whatever it is, if it is also in the heart of God then you can pursue it with all your heart and believe for it to come about. It wasn’t in a moment of optimistic overstatement that Jesus said “ask whatever you want in my name and it shall be yours”. This is not poetic licence or hyperbole. This is a statement of promise from the most trustworthy person who ever lived. So if God is truly for us, and He truly loves us, and He truly wants us to be blessed and be a blessing to others, and He truly invites us (even dares us almost) to believe His promises to bless….then what are we waiting for?

Stretch your faith and put it into action, and make this year the BEST YEAR of your life to date. And as a body of BELIEVERS at Hopehall, let us believe in God to see many people won for Christ this year and growing in their faith. Starting with our special service on Sunday 20th January as we baptise our dear friend Marion Mullin, and welcome her and 3 others into membership. This is only the beginning of a great year!!!!


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