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Staring Matches Print E-mail
Written by Graham Currie   
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 15:37

Staring Matches

When I was younger we used to compete in staring matches at school, to see who would blink first. And then the loser would get punched in the arm! Ah happy days. But I sometimes think that we get involved in staring matches with God Himself. Many of us have the belief that we need a "move of God" or "revival" or "a new awakening" to sweep over us and achieve amazing things in the world. So we sit staring at God waiting for Him to move, wondering when He is going to blink and do something, hoping it's going to be in our generation. This sounds extremely spiritual and right, but I sometimes wonder if while we wait for God to move God is not sitting staring at us waiting for us to move instead? Maybe what we need is a "move of people" who get on and do what God has already called us to do in the power of The Spirit? After all we have been equipped with every good thing in every way, and have all we need for life and godliness. SO if we are in a staring contest with God let's blink first and get on and do, and add to the acts of the apostles some acts of our own. God bless.

A Wider Perspective Print E-mail
Written by Graham Currie   
Monday, 09 September 2013 13:46

Now There's A Question!

Here's a thought for you.....Hopehall Church has approximately 100 people who attend the church. Worldwide there are approximately 1 billion Christians. Therefore Hopehall represents 0.0000001% of the world church. Or to put it another way, 99.9999999% of the total Christians in the world do not attend Hopehall. Or another way of saying that is that 99.9999999% of the church exists outside of our experience at Hopehall.

How easy it is for us at Hopehall, or for any Christians who attend a local church regularly, to think that our personal experience of church is all that there is; that the way WE do church is the right way, or the best way, or the divinely ordained way, or whatever. And yet 99% of the church in the world is outside our experience, and does church in very different ways to us.

We must open our minds and be willing to think differently about our own local church, because there is such a huge range of different styles and approaches all across the world. And if God blesses them all, then there is obviously value and worth in them all. God is FULL of variety; just count the number of shades of green, or the number of insects, or the number of differently shaped snowflakes. Look at the people God created! No two are the same. Therefore do you think God would only offer a one-size-fits-all style of church? Check out the book of Acts; even in the early stages there were different expressions of church according to the different cultures, etc.

So the question do we do church in our own location in the time in which we live with the resources we have available, in order to have the greatest impact upon the greatest number of people to increase the church by the greatest number possible before our time is up?

Now there's a question!

Worship In Spirit Print E-mail
Written by Graham Currie   
Monday, 12 August 2013 10:46

Worship In Spirit

In the Mission Praise hymn book, so commonly used by churches in the UK there are 798 hymns, songs and choruses praising God. Of these, guess how many are written about the Spirit Of God? Approximately a third, 266? Slightly less, about 200? The answer is 16. I know, I’ve counted. And my question is why?

We know and worship God the Father. We know and worship God the Son. We do not know, and we do not worship God the Spirit. Why?

Is the Spirit God? Is He an equal person of the Holy Trinity? Is He worthy? Is He worthy of our worship? The answer to these rhetorical questions is “yes” and yet we seldom worship and adore Him, our wonderful Spirit. Why?

He is called the “third person of the Trinity”, but that does not mean He is the least!! This should be viewed as a chronological term, not a qualitative term. In the Old Testament the first person of the Trinity whom we are introduced to is God The Father who takes the leading role in the creation of the world and of Israel. In the New Testament the second person, God The Son (Jesus), takes the leading role to live and die for sin. And then the third person God The Spirit comes at Pentecost to birth the church, and this is His time to shine right now! So why do we sing and praise God The Father for His creation and fatherly love, sing and praise God The Son for His sacrifice at Calvary, but seldom sing and praise God The Spirit for His powerful work all across the world today??

I call the church and believers everywhere to rise up and sing praise to the Spirit, to pray to the Spirit, to commune with the Spirit, to honour and glorify the Spirit. And to reject the misinformed teaching that says we should only worship Jesus because the Spirit’s job is to deflect praise on to Jesus. Yes the Spirit lifts up Jesus so that people can believe in Jesus for salvation, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t praise the Spirit for doing this so brilliantly.

As the old hymn says:

Praise, praise the Father, Praise the Son

And praise the Spirit, Three-In-One

O praise Him, O praise Him

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah 

Jesus Breaks With Tradition! Print E-mail
Written by Graham Currie   
Monday, 01 July 2013 15:23

"So because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath, the Jews persecuted Him"  (Joh 5 v 16)

I read this verse this morning and was struck by the fact that God's people, the Jews, were convinced they were doing right and that Jesus was doing wrong! They had their tradition built on their understanding of God's Word (Exo 20 v 8 "remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy"), and could argue their belief articulately. And yet. And yet. AND YET they were wrong. But how could they be so blind to the truth? Because they were stuck in a New Testament world with an Old Testament mindset. They did not perceive the new thing that was springing up in their midst. They did not comprehend that Jesus was the beginning of a new age, that superceded the old one. That their traditions were now meaningless. Defunct.

It is a fact of church history that the majority of the church is slow to change, blind to the new thing that God is doing, and (like the Jews) persecutes those who follow God as He moves in new ways. God nevers changes in His character and essence, but He is constantly changing in the way He moves across the world. He is always ahead of us leading us forward, and we must be careful not to drag our feet or cling on to the past. If we do then it will be like an army going into battle carrying obsolete bits of equipment which will just slow us down.

We are reaching out to people living in 2013, in a different world to our grandparents or parents. Let us therefore adapt, be creative, do everything we can to reach the lost, and build a modern relevant 21st Century church for our generation and those yet to come! 

God bless you

Summer Fires Print E-mail
Written by Graham Currie   
Friday, 21 June 2013 14:25

Summer Fires

Across the road from where we live are fields of long grass, and higher up some bracken and heather. Every summertime when it has been dry for a while some of the local young people decide it would be good fun to set it all alight, and up go the flames and smoke. It’s amazing how quickly it blazes, so that although the fire brigade are out quickly there’s an extensive fire on the go.

I found an amazing verse in the Bible I have never noticed before, which talks about fire. It’s actually a quote from Jesus Himself, and is extremely revealing about what was in His heart at that time. Found in Luke 12 v 49 it says:

“I have come to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled”

Read that verse over and over and meditate on what it says. Jesus wanted to set people ablaze with passion for Himself and His Kingdom, but instead of finding people already warmed he found them cold or lukewarm. If you’re camping this summer and try to build a bonfire on the beach to melt your marshmallows, and it has been raining the day before, then you’ll find it difficult to get your fire going. You’ll say to yourself “I wish it had been dry, and the sticks were ready to burn”. If WE do not fan into flame the fire of God within us, or stir our passion for God, in preparation for God’s Spirit falling upon us, then when He moves upon us we will not be set on fire and see His Kingdom spread as it should. So this summer take time not just to relax in the sun, but take time to spend with God’s Spirit and kindle your heart ready for the fire of God to fall upon you.

Out of our PASSION for God flows our service to Him in this world! 


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