The Retro Jigsaw Print E-mail
Written by Graham Currie   
Monday, 07 March 2016 12:59


I love jigsaws. I love all things retro. And I love comic book characters. Put all this together and you get one of the best birthday presents for a 50 year old man, like me. That is, a 1000 piece Superman Retro Jigsaw. The givers shall remain nameless, except to say they shall gain a great reward in heaven for their brilliant prezzie Smile. As I sat on the couch caressing my beautiful jigsaw box, thinking about the pleasure of putting it together, I thought "this is one of the things that marks me out as being different". You see, not everyone (and why ever not?!?), likes jigsaws. Not everyone likes retro stuff or comic book characters. We are all different in different ways, because God has made us that way. And yet God also calls His own followers to be DIFFERENT from the world and the trends in society which ridicule Christian faith, scoff at the Bible, and demand tolerance of every idea and philosophy. Jesus was not tolerant in this regard; he was intolerant of false teaching, of hypocrisy, of religion, of nor caring for the poor and marginalised, of sin. Jesus was very DIFFERENT; he warned about God's judgment on sin, and yet forgave the worst sinner who came to him asking forgiveness. I want to be DIFFERENT like Jesus.