Member Zone Started! Print E-mail
Written by Derek Peakman   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 09:32

I have started work on a 'Member Zone' of the website. This is a part of the site which will primarily be for folk who attend Hopehall. login_picYou need to 'sign up' by clicking on the 'Login / Register' button on the home page (see pic).

You will then be asked for a user name and password. Once you have this and sign in then new options are then available on the menu under 'Member Zone'.

I plan to have all the up to date church rotas there (a few already there) and it also has a church 'photo gallery' which will be added to. I also plan to have other articles published there which would be for Hopehall members eg at the moment I am working on an article which fully explains the role of a Deacon at Hopehall.