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Written by Derek Peakman   
Friday, 06 January 2012 20:42

Robert Kerr

The Year is 1887

(the following text is taken from the 50th anniversary Jubilee brochure)

Hopehall or as it was known then - Hope Hall Mission Church, was founded  in 1887 by the late Robert Kerr, a gifted and saintly business man. He was converted in 1857 through the instrumentality of Mr. Brownlow North, the heir-presumptive to an earldom, who, as an evangelist, witnessed marvellous spiritual results, particularly among the wealthy classes. Few of his converts proved to be so successful in after years as this tall, dignified young man of who’s subsequent career Mrs. Todd-Osborne (of The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Homes’ fame and one of his converts) said, “His life was lived for God."

In his early years of religious work he found ample scope for his undoubted abilities in the city of Glasgow, but in the course of time business claims brought him into more intimate and continuous association with Paisley, a town which lay only three miles away from Crookston Hall, the family residence.Robert_kerr_plaque

His education which had been completed in the Madras College, St. Andrews, and the actual contacts which he subsequently made with the social and commercial life of the West of Scotland had combined together to develop a unique personality into a quiet but commanding Christian worker of tremendous power and influence. As a speaker, he had a rich conversational style with a pure and cultured diction.

A keen and penetrating Bible student, he demonstrated its truths with clarity and lucidity. By a clear and comprehensive understanding, he unravelled all doctrinal and prophetic mysteries with unmistakable charm and accuracy, and, all the while, a sense of reverence never failed to pervade his every discourse. He was a true gentleman, a gifted leader, an effective evangelist, and proved to be an ideal pastor. His qualities are beautifully summarised in the memorial tablet that was erected to his memory on the walls of the Church (shown on right), after his death on 23rd August, 1915: “ He was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith." ................................