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Written by Derek Peakman   
Friday, 24 August 2012 14:29

      Pastor Mark Fleming 1988 - 1998

Mark and his wife Aileen, came to Hopehall (his first ministry) in 1988 and at 25 was the youngest pastor to be called to theFMlogo church. He had 
trained at Faith Mission College in Edinburgh. This would be Hopehall's second connection with the Faith Mission College with Helen Kirkwood, who became a full time worker at the college, coming to faith at Hopehall in the 1920's.


During his 10 years at Hopehall many areas of ministry were introduced and other aspects developed. This included house groups, the leadership structure, contact with university students, worship format and Mums and Tots (led by Aileen). 

It was during this time that a major building development took place with the addition of the smaller hall being added along with a more substantial kitchen area. This development increased the capacity for more and different ministries within the fellowship. The photo on the left shows Dan Ralston, who was the oldest serving member, opening the new extension on Friday 8th May 1992.

Hopehall was blessed at this time with growth both spiritually and numerically. Below is a newspaper article that was published May 8th 1992.

news article

Mark was very involved in linking with other churches in the area.  He helped establish the Paisley and District Evangelical Alliance.  This included a summer outreach called 'J in the Park' where many of the local churches got together and worshiped in the local parks on a Sunday afternoon with singing led by a worship band and testimonies from church members.


When Mark came to the fellowship its name was ‘Hope Hall Mission Church’.  To help better reflect our church’s beliefs and Christian church position it was decided to rename the church ‘Hopehall Evangelical Church’

Also during his time at Hopehall, Mark and Aileen’s two children, Kirsty and Beth were born growing up in the new manse which was part of the building development.

Mark had the God given gift of an evangelist and during his time in Hopehall many came to know the Lord and committed their lives to Christ. This was through one to one contact while also organising special outreach events like ‘Food for Thought’ where members were encouraged to bring along friends for a meal in a local restaurant where someone spoke during the meal about Jesus and his saving work.

Mark, after 10 years, felt that God was leading him and Aileen to a new ministry and sometime later left to take up the position of pastor in Kilsyth Congregational Church (now called Kilsyth Community Church).