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Rev J.K.McClatchey 1982 - 1987

Pastor McClatchey was born in Northern Ireland and was employed by Rolls  Royce in Belfast as an Aero Engineer before leaving in 1970 to be trained in the Irish Baptist Theological College.
His first Church was in Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland and he then went to a Church in Leigh in Lancashire.

He came to Hope Hall in December 1982 with his wife Irene and two of his daughters Deborah and Alison. His induction service was held on 14th January 1983. The preacher on that occasion was Rev.(now Dr.) Liam Gologher.9759147

Pastor McClatchey will be remembered for a few firsts in the Church. He started the Holiday Bible Club for the children of the
 Church, Sunday School and the surrounding area with great success.

We also had our first Church weekend away which was held at WEC Kilcreggan (photo right). Much fun was had then as well as beneficial teaching sessions. It was at our first weekend away that he taught us a new chorus – “MAJESTY”.


Pastor McClatchey was involved in all aspects of the Church . He was a frequent speaker at the Ladies Fellowship. He had a great love of visitation and along with Mrs McClatchey regularly visited members and friends. Many people were blessed by his ministry and visitation.


Pastor McClatchey with C.E. President chain of office

In 1985 he was President of F.I.E.C. to which the Church was affiliated at that time and was on the Scottish Committee of I.C.F. and also F.I.E.C. Committee for Scotland.  During that time we organized an annual conference and had regular rallies around the churches.   We also sent David and Morag Flower out to Pakistan with I.C.F. and regular prayer meetings were held in the manse for them.

In 1986 Pastor McClatchey was elected President of Scottish National Christian Endeavour Union


At that time the Church had a Junior and Y.P Society and during his year of Presidency, Hope Hall Juniors won the National Bible Quiz and were awarded the Sheild for their achievement.

They were tutored regularly by Pastor McClatchey. They also won the Murdoch Cup for the highest number of awards in the Christian Endeavour Award Scheme.

Hopehall centenery booklet

1987 was the year the Church celebrated its centenary and Pastor McClatchey led much of the celebrations. We also had a special time with Ministers and their wives from the past being involved in the special meetings.

At that time there was a large Sunday School and the Church had a mini bus which was always full of children on a Sunday for Sunday School. Many of the older adults also enjoyed trips on the bus.

Pastor McClatchey was called of God to T.C.M Babtist Church in Lincoln in 1987, leaving behind one of his daughters, Alison who was engaged to be maried to a 'Hope Hall boy' the following year.

Pastor McClatchey's farewell service was held on Sunday 27th December 1987.

Below is the leadership team during the Rev. McClatchey's pastorate.
hopehall_managersBack row from left - David Clark, Billy McKee, Jack Peakman, David Nichol, Donald Kennedy. Front row from left - Tom Ingram, Rev. McClatchey, and Jim Shields.