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Written by Derek Peakman   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 18:38

Pastor Rev D G Hunt 1965 - 1971

Pastor Hunt had been a missionary in Jamaica and was pastor of Barn Gospel Mission Southall when he came to preach with a view to the pastorate on ]une 27th 1965. He was unanimously accepted and a welcome social and induction was arranged for Saturday 24th September. Looking back over his ministry it was not an easy one. It was a period of change but it was also a time of challenge and saw the start of the holiday camp work held for Sunday School and Christian Endeavour members. It was a great success. It was during Pastor Hunt’s ministry that the manse at 6 Cheviot Road was purchased. In summing up his ministry it was a changing but challenging and satisfying time and Pastor Hunt endeared himself to all the members of Hope Hall. On Sunday May 23rd, after morning service he advised the managers that he had received a call and after much prayer was certain it was the Lord’s leading. As was to happen again in the future to another pastor, he 'left' one of his daughters behind who married a 'Hopehall' boy. His farewell service was held on Saturday 28th ]une 1971.

Pastor Rev Graham Philips 1972 - 1981

Pastor Phillips was the youngest pastor in Hope Hall’s history and was inducted on Saturday 13th May 1972. He trained for the ministry at the Bible College of South Wales, continued his studies at Wolsey Hall Oxford and became minister of Cornwall Street Baptist Church, Cardiff in 1965. He was an accredited F.1.E.C. minister and had charge of the assembly of a local school in Cardiff. During the nine years that he was with us he fulfilled his duties with thoughtfullness and conscientousness and it could be said that he was at his greatest in the pulpit and on his knees. He had a wonderful command of the English language never repeating himself in his prayers or in his preaching which was most challenging. It was with regret that we learned he had received a call from Ilford and he felt God was leading him there. His final service was on Sunday 8th November 1981.

The picture below was taken at the sunday school around the time of Pastor Philips. 


Below is a scan of the 'General Fund'  church accounts for January 1974


Hasn't money changed value!