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Written by Derek Peakman   
Saturday, 14 April 2012 15:49

pastor_evans_copySelling the old, Building the new

Pastor Rev D Leonard Evans 1957 - 1965

Pastor Evans preached for the pastorate and received a unanimous call on Sunday 16th Iune 1957, his induction service was held on Saturday 2nd September and was chaired by Mr Tom Dallas.

The pictures below show the band and choir around the time of Pastor Evans. A few of the faces are still around today!



Pastor Evans came to Hope Hall full of vigour and enthusiasm for the work and was the catalyst in the revival of spiritual life in the church and also in fulfilling the long cherished vision of the congregation to build a new Hope Hall. It was largely thanks to his efforts that plans were soon underway to sell the premises in High Street and acquire ground for the new building. Eventually ground was purchased in Alice Street. The vacant plot was where Charleston Cottage used to stand and was owned by the Catholic Church. The picture below shows an old 1860 map of the Charleston Cottage plot with Alice street marked on it.


Plans were soon passed for the new building. Below is a newspaper clipping from the Paisley Daily Express.

clipping from Paisley Daily Express 1960

Below is an avert from the same edition of the newspaper - how times have changed!

Advert from same paper

The old church had to be vacated before the new one was completed and the closing services to commorate 73 years of work from 1887- 1960 were held over the weekend 20-21st August 1960. The front and back page of the 'Souvenir Programme' is shown below.

"For a number of years the members have envisaged, a new building to replace the present one, which is now old and unsuitable, and hearts are new filled with gratitude to God as these hopes become reality. ln 1959 a site was purchased in Alice Street in the South end of the town, and work on the new building has started and all look lorward te the Spring of 1961 when this will be opened, and a further chapter in the life of Hope Hall will he entered. The enthusiasm among the members is tremendous, and the financial giving such that the Church remains sell-supporting, gives towards Missionary work, etc., owns a modern manse and now, is enabled to erect a new building.

Hope Hall Mission Church looks to the future with great anticipation of further service for Christ and, whatever the past record may be, the praise and glory is given to God."

Between the closing of the old church and the opening of the new the members met in the Storie Street hall of the Orr Square Church of Scotland.