1. Name of the Church



2. Doctrines of the Church.

We believe that the following are essential doctrines:-

  1. All of the Bible is inspired by God and is without error.
  2. God eternally exists in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit and these three are one God.
  3. Mankind is sinful by nature, cut off from God and each individual needs to be brought into a right relationship with God.
  4. The Lord Jesus Christ was God in human form; He had a miraculous virgin birth; He was a sinless man; He died on the cross to take the punishment for the sins of all mankind; He physically rose from the dead; He ascended to the Father's right hand where He presently intercedes for His people.
  5. Only by repenting of our sin and trusting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour can we be brought into a right relationship with God, become His children and have eternal life. This eternal life is a free gift from God and He will never take it away from us.
  6. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin; brings us to new birth when we repent and trust Christ; assures us of our salvation; enables us to have a true and spiritual understanding of the Bible; enables us to worship and pray; works in us to produce Christ-likeness; empowers us with His fullness for witnessing; and equips us with His gifts for ministry.
  7. Water baptism is only for believers and is by full immersion as taught and practised by Jesus Christ and His apostles.
  8. The Lord's Supper is a symbolic commemoration of our Lord Jesus Christ's death on the cross for us. It will be held weekly, insofar as is possible, with all present believers.
  9. Jesus Christ is coming again to judge, reign and lead His people into His glorious presence.
  10. True believers will be physically resurrected and enjoy eternal conscious bliss and those who reject Christ will suffer an eternal conscious punishment.


3. Leadership of the Church

The Supreme Head of the Church is our Lord Jesus Christ. The elders will be responsible for the oversight of spiritual matters in the Church and the Pastor is the leading elder. They will lead the Church in submission to the Word of God and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Pastor will be called by the Holy Spirit, recommended by the elders and accepted by 80% votes cast by the members of the Church.

Should the Pastor be, for any reason, unable to fulfil his ministry, the elders are responsible for ministry being supplied.

Elders will be called by the Holy Spirit, appointed by the Pastor and accepted by at least 80% of the members of the Church. They will be re-appointed every year by the Pastor and must retain at least 80% acceptance by the membership, confirmed at a members meeting.

There will be a minimum of six deacons, who will be responsible for the oversight of practical matters in the Church . Deacons are to be called by the Holy Spirit and serve for a term of three years on the proposal of two members and with the consent of at least 80% of votes cast by members. In the event of all, or any of the deacons resigning, the elders will take appropriate action as seems best to them subject to 80% votes cast by the members. Deacons can meet for official business when the majority of them is present. The deacons shall at their first meeting after their appointment, elect a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurers from amongst their own number.


4. Membership of the Church

All members of this Church must have been clearly converted to Christ. They must also have been consequently baptised in water (apart from exceptional circumstances) and adhere to the doctrines of the Church. Applicants will be interviewed by two elders.

Members are expected to:- attend all relevant activities of the Church as God enables them; contribute systematically to the ongoing work of the Church as God prospers them; get involved in some form of Christian service as God has gifted them and will gift them; live such lives as will enhance the testimony of the Church and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In cases of disunity, open backsliding, inconsistency or doctrinal error, the elders will exercise discipline in the appropriate Scriptural manner.

All members and applicants for membership should receive a copy of this Constitution.


5. Members Meetings

A meeting of the members of this Church shall be held bi-annually at Paisley, on the last Wednesdays of May and November at 7:30p.m, when the elders will report on recent developments and share future plans. The deacons will report on the state of Church administration, property and finance. The Pastor shall preside at this meeting and worship and prayer should be included as an integral part. Two Sundays' notice will be given for these meetings. Other members' meetings may be arranged at the discretion of the leadership.


6. Church Property

The elders (excluding the Pastor) and deacons as Trustees have the right to let or lease any part of the buildings not required for public worship, the rents always going into Church funds.

The elders (excluding the Pastor) and deacons, as Trustees, if their decision is approved by the majority of members, and duly intimated from the pulpit on the two preceding Sundays, have the right to sell or dispose of the Church property, heritable and movable, in whole or in part, by public or private sale, as the elders (excluding the Pastor) and deacons may deem best, or to borrow money on the security of the property, in order to extend or improve the property.

In the unlikely event of this Church being dissolved, the price received for the property and any funds in hand shall be devoted to such Christian purposes as a majority of the members of the Church at that time shall determine.

This Constitution can be changed at the discretion of the leadership, providing such change is approved by 80% of votes cast by the members of the Church.